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There is a reason why your sales are not increasing. Stop spinning your wheels and get the tools you need to level the playing field and become competitive in the reseller market.

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From the Professor's Desk

Hi, Friends! I'm so excited to be teaching this course. The 7 Secrets I discovered to making sales on Poshmark completely revolutionized my resell business. I'm sharing the knowledge that has not only increased my sales, but ensured that I was actually making a profit. Between my experience as a top reseller, my 13 years of experience as a university instructor, and an entrepreneur, I'm here to help you win at growing, scaling, and sustaining your resell business. Let's do this!

Dr. M


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I'm Dishing The Secrets

I've done the hard work for you, so that you don't have to. Not only have I discovered the secrets to making sales and profits on Poshmark, but I'm ready to share them with you. Some people are going to be MAD that I'm sharing these secrets-- but I believe there is enough money to be made for all of us!

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A Strategic Plan For Success

Not only am I giving you the secrets to making sales on Poshmark in this course, but I am also giving you the strategic steps you need to take to apply those secrets. Plus, I give you the EXACT processes that I use for each secret to increase sales.

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Ensure You Are Making A Profit

It never fails, every time I meet with clients who are struggling with making money on Poshmark it turns out that they have no idea whether or not they are actually making a profit. This course will ENSURE you know your financials and exactly how much is going in your pocket.

Poshmark Expert & PoshFest Speaker

I bring a wealth of experience as a Poshmark reseller to this course. I'm fully invested in my Fashion resale business and participate regularly in the Poshmark Community. I'm a two-time PoshFest speaker (2020 & 2021). As a speaker, I shared on the topic of Covershots & Listing Photography and on Business Planning & Scaling to go Full-Time.

I've also been a Posh Party Co-host and regularly participate in Posh Parties, sharing my fellow Posher's listings to increase the likelihood that they make sales! I have an expert understanding of how to leverage Posh Parties to increase revenue. Lastly, I volunteered to participate in the pilot program for the in-person Poshmark Coffee + Sip meetups at Starbucks.